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There's something so enchanting about an everyday object recreated in miniature. Something you see every single day takes on new meaning when it gets scaled down, causing the viewer to take a closer look. And, my kids are no exception to the charm of mini. Which is why, they happily began folding tiny squares of paper as I experimented with an idea for an upcoming design project. 

After a few minutes of folding, small squares of vellum became magical mini envelopes. Smiling and charmed by the project at hand, my kids began crafting little love notes to go inside. It was so much fun, we've created a stash of little love note supplies that will sit at our kitchen work table for the days leading up to Valentine's Day. While there are currently just a handful of little love notes hanging on a clothesline in miniature, I have no doubt my kids will add to the collection. I can't wait to plan a special party at home around Valentine's Day for enjoying our notes to one another. (Don't you think a mini mail delivery warrants the creation of mini cupcakes and tiny sparkling cider flutes?!)

Make your own mini love notes as a Valentine's Day pre-party with your kids, as I did!

Vellum paper cut into 1.5 inch squares (I used pale pink, white swiss polka dot, and red)
White copy paper cut into rectangles 1/4 inch wide by 1 inch tall
Small heart shaped stickers
A fine tipped permanent pen

1. Create the envelope by placing a vellum square on a flat surface and folding the right point and left point towards the middle. Then, fold the bottom up and over the side flaps. Tuck the tip into the envelope. This will help to hold the structure of the envelope. Complete the folding by bending the top triangle over to create the closure flap.
2. Write a little love letter on one of the rectangular white pieces of paper.
3. Insert your letter, close the flap and place a sticker to seal the envelope closed. 
4. Address and send it off to your loved one! (Or, hang your letters on a miniature clothesline and wait for a special party to open them.)

<![CDATA[Interiors: A very untrendy new year to you.]]>Fri, 02 Jan 2015 15:57:34 GMThttp://www.triplethreatdesignstudio.com/blog/interiors-a-very-untrendy-new-year-to-you
As we look ahead to a new year, it’s fun to think about new interior trends. And, even though trends provide a glimpse at what to expect in the marketplace, I encourage my clients to design their spaces with their own unique needs in mind. A space that is ‘you driven’ rather than trend driven will ultimately provide more of a wow factor in the long run. A space that has a sense of your own personal history and expresses your personal style is far more enjoyable to live in (and visit as a guest!) than one that is entirely trend driven.

So, as you look at trends for the new year, remember to ask yourself the following questions:
  • What do I love? (One of my favorite things to do with new clients is ask them to create an "I love" board on pinterest. I specifically ask them to pin any picture that makes their heart sing regardless of what it is-- furniture, jewelry, travel locations, colors, books, food, art, etc. You'd be surprised how a board of pins on this topic starts to formulate an end look and feel for their home. For an idea, take a look at our 'I love' board! The picture above is one of the treats pinned there!)
  • What is my favorite piece of clothing to wear?
  • When I look at pinterest, what do I seem to pin over and over again? 
  • What personal mementos from my life are most important to me?

Then, use those items as inspiration for reworking your space.

p.s. If you’re looking to freshen up your home in this new year, give us a jingle or send us a note. We’d love to provide a complimentary consultation in order to discuss how we could help your space be a unique reflection of who you are in 2015! 

Happy (untrendy) New Year!

image source: unknown

<![CDATA[Events: What do you think about a flash mob wedding?]]>Sun, 28 Dec 2014 05:01:41 GMThttp://www.triplethreatdesignstudio.com/blog/events-what-do-you-think-about-a-flash-mob-wedding
This may be the ultimate in surprise. Christina (the bride) thinks she's helping out with a bridal photo shoot. Meanwhile, her fiancé has other plans! Watch as a flash mob wedding unfolds. What do you think? Would you love it or hate it if it happened to you?!
<![CDATA[Melty snowmen]]>Fri, 19 Dec 2014 06:48:03 GMThttp://www.triplethreatdesignstudio.com/blog/melty-snowmen
These little melty snowman cookies are my contribution to tomorrow's cookie buffet party. Happy holidays continue...
<![CDATA[Best IKEA hack yet!]]>Sat, 13 Dec 2014 06:44:43 GMThttp://www.triplethreatdesignstudio.com/blog/best-ikea-hack-yet
I love a good decor hack. You know, where something 'blah' turns into something completely unrecognizable great. Here's one of the best IKEA hacks I've seen. Thrifty and Chic turns a simple (and, frankly, ugly) $35 dresser from IKEA into an amazing apothecary cabinet. Take a look here.
<![CDATA[A proposal]]>Wed, 20 Aug 2014 03:26:15 GMThttp://www.triplethreatdesignstudio.com/blog/a-proposal
Let it be said that I believe a simple wedding proposal, genuinely meant, is a brilliant proposal. So, it's unusual that I'm sharing a proposal that is far from simple. My favorite part of a wedding is watching the couple finish their vows, intently focused on one another, and then in the next few seconds watch as the couple turns outward to be embraced and celebrated by their guests. So, there will be no surprise as to why I chose this proposal to share here. 

Sitting in the back of a slow moving car, the young woman is given a set of headphones. Not only is her about-to-be-fiancé (sorry for ruining the end!) a part of this proposal, but look at the immense show of support from family, friends and community. That's brilliant. 
<![CDATA[Sweet addition to breakfast in bed (repost)]]>Sat, 10 May 2014 15:16:46 GMThttp://www.triplethreatdesignstudio.com/blog/sweet-addition-to-breakfast-in-bed-repostI thought I'd repost an idea shared here last month because these would make a sweet little addition to your Mother's Day celebrations. (And, no one has to know they take only a couple of minutes to put together!) One of these placed on a "breakfast in bed" tray for your mom would add an extra special touch.
Here's how to make these sweet mini planted arrangements:

1. Gather your supplies. Per arrangement, you'll need: 
  • about two tablespoons of coarse sea salt
  • a few small rocks
  • about two tablespoons of potting soil
  • a small beautiful vessel (tea saucers, short votive candle holders and condiment cups all work well)
  • a single, small plant (we like the look of succulents and mosses)
  • an eggshell (gently crack the top, remove and empty out the contents of the egg, rinse well and dry)

2. Add the sea salt, in a small mound, to the center of your vessel. This will allow your eggshell to sit, without tipping.

3.  Carefully add the rocks to the eggshell and top with your potting soil.

4. Dip your plant into a bit of water so that it gets planted with some moisture. Set the plant atop the potting soil, adding a few extra pinches of soil to cover the roots. Place the newly potted eggshell atop your salt mound.

Note: After the holiday has passed, the arrangements can be planted outdoors and continue to grow. Just lightly crack the eggshell and place the whole arrangement in the ground, with the plant at ground level. These make a great party favor-- use them as a centerpiece and then have small, tissue or kraft paper stuffing lined boxes at the ready for your guests to pack one up and plant at home.
<![CDATA[[personal style]: Cinco de Mayo inspired by Kahlo]]>Sun, 04 May 2014 19:46:11 GMThttp://www.triplethreatdesignstudio.com/blog/personal-style-cinco-de-mayo-inspired-by-kahlo
While usually we think to focus on the food and drink associated with tomorrow's Cinco de Mayo holiday (because they are both so great!), this year the festivities fall on a Monday in the States. Many of use will be greeting this year's Cinco de Mayo with busy weekday calendars. So, why not inject the festivities into your Monday and wear an outfit inspired by one of Mexico's great artists and cultural icon? We've pulled together a modern day Frida Kahlo-inspired look for you. 

Grab what you have, layer on some Frida-esque pieces and hear the maracas shaking up a rhythm just for you. Our suggestion is to start with an all-white base (we like this gauzy dress by anthropology). Crisp white jeans or slacks or a skirt, paired with a simple blouse or tee would do the job equally as well, though. We love big, bold statement pieces in warm gold or brass tones. A Mexican opal ring is particularly appropriate, as is the heavy collar necklace. Add some chunky, heeled sandals for a bit more color in the look. Then, take inspiration from the frequent use of flowers in Frida's hair-- add a floral blazer and pop a few big blooms into a vase to brighten up the space you'll spend the majority of your day! 

collar necklace. ShopBop.
sandals. Steve Madden via Lord & Taylor.
ring. Mexican opal via overstock.
dress. anthropologie.
blazer. Dorothy Perkins.

<![CDATA[event design/wedding: Share the Sparkle Confetti Toss]]>Sat, 26 Apr 2014 02:44:39 GMThttp://www.triplethreatdesignstudio.com/blog/event-designwedding-share-the-sparkle-confetti-toss
With high wedding season just around the corner, we know our brides are looking for a few quick and easy ways to personalize their big day. Here's an elegant and simple way to put your personal mark on your big day. 

It's ceremonial to have a grand exit as the couple leaves the reception and departs. However, we love the idea of celebrating the end of the ceremony or the entry into the reception in addition. Which is why we created a 'Share the Sparkle' packet for each of our couple's guests recently. As guests entered the reception site, they were each given a small, clear bag. Inside each bag: a note that stated the date and said "Share the Sparkle" sat alongside a small pinch of confetti. A bit later, the newly married couple entered the reception site to applause and small bit of sparkling confetti overhead. It was a great way to enhance the atmosphere, immediately involve their guests and begin the couple's reception. 

Here's how we made our Share the Sparkle bags: 
  1. Gather your supplies: You'll need a hole punch, a metallic marker, paper to punch confetti from and to top each bag (we suggest using your color palette and adding a metallic/glitter sheet to create sparkle), small clear bags and tape.
  2. Cut out your shapes: You'll need a circle to write your note upon, and two small rectangles (make one slightly deeper than the other and make them both just slightly longer than the width of your bags).
  3. Make the confetti: Punch, punch, punch.
  4. Make your tags: We used the wedding date and the words "Share the Sparkle!"
  5. Fill and assemble: Add one note to each bag, a pinch of confetti and carefully tape the rectangles in two layers over the top edge to close the bags. 
<![CDATA[celebrate: the annual before and after...]]>Sat, 19 Apr 2014 21:39:19 GMThttp://www.triplethreatdesignstudio.com/blog/celebrate-the-annual-before-and-after
We hope your party prep is going wonderfully and your holiday weekend is in full swing!